• 2023-04-19 上午 4:30

99%新,2017年尾於Sony店購入,已過保,無單,好少用,呢3年直頭無用過,但長放電子防潮箱,保養如新的一樣。無花無跌無入塵無入過水無發霉,好小用因此出售。連所有原裝配件,盒 (所有小冊子都在內),荃灣地鐵站交收

99% new, purchased from Sony Store. Warranty is no longer valid and receipt is lost already. It was seldom used( not even used in the last 3 years due covid) but it has always been kept inside an electronically controlled humidity storage box. No scratches, no fall, no dust inside the lens, no water damage, no mould. Purchase comes with the original box and every parts that comes along. Trade at Tsuen Wan MTR station.



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