• 2022-09-21 上午 4:30

For sell is a Rollieflex 6008i system consists of :
(1) 6008i body with detachable handgrip and RC-120 remote control cable.
(2) 3 lenses, Planar PQS 80F2.8 HFT, Distagon PQ 50F4 HFT and CZ Makro-planar PQS 120F4.
(3) 45 degree prism finder.
(4) 34mm extension tube (#97888)
(5) 2 pcs film back insert.
(6) 2 pcs rechargeable batteries and one charger unit.
(7)** Magazin 4560 (#14987) film back.
(8) Magazin adapter (#10776) for Magazin 4560.
(9) 3 pcs adapter ring for Rollei lens bay VI filter to 67mm screw thread filter.
(10) 8 packs each long expired professional 6×6 Fujifilm NPH400 and Provia400.
– All items are in perfect working condition with no repair record except item (7)**display and settings OK but film advance mechanism is not working.
– Lenses are well kept in dry box in mint condition without scratches or glass fungus.
-Asking bundle price : HK$22,000.
Interested parties please send PM with contact mobile/WS numbers, Tnx !